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[audio]Improving Your Health with Cats and Dogs -- Groks Science Show 2014-07-16 - Chenan Zhang
Cats and dogs: companions, protectors, health-improvers? We love our furry friends, but recent studies show that cats and dogs may benefit us in ways that go beyond companionship. Groks hosts Samantha Thomas, Chenan Zhang and guest-host Courtney Kagan discuss research findings that show how these animals can boost our health and well-being.
Keywords: Pets; Cats; Dogs; Health; Immune system
Downloads: 589
[audio]Health Care Data -- Groks Science Show 2014-07-23 - Charles Lee and Frank Ling
Health care data is increasingly vulnerable to hackers.  On this episode, Paul Oster discussed protecting health care data.
Keywords: science; health; data; groks
Downloads: 484
[audio]Ice, Ice -- Groks Science Show 2014-07-09 - Charles Lee and Frank Ling
Water is fundamental to all life but little is actually known about its inter-molecular dynamics and structures. On this program, Anders Nilsson talks about the frontiers of water science.
Keywords: chemical physics; hydrogen bonding; ice; lasers; phase transition; SLAC; supercooling; water; X-rays
Downloads: 936
[audio]Precision Medicine - Groks Science Show 2014-07-02 - Chenan Zhang
How much can our own genetics determine the diagnosis of our illness or determine the course of treatment? The Chicago chapter of the Women In Bio organization recently hosted a panel discussion on the topic of precision medicine strategies—what it is, how it came about, the challenges we face, and what the future holds. We attended the event, and spoke with organizers, attendees, and panelists about precision medicine, and women’s role in this rapidly developing field.
Keywords: Groks; Groks science show; precision medicine; Women in Bio
Downloads: 811
[audio]Colliding Worlds -- Groks Science Show 2014-06-25 - Charles C. Lee and Frank H. Ling
Science and art may seem like widely divergent fields of human endeavor, but advances in science are now influencing contemporary art. On this program, Arthur I. Miller discussed the colliding worlds of science and art.
Keywords: art; science; technology; groks
Downloads: 892
[audio]The Cosmic Cocktail -- Groks Science Show 2014-06-18 - Samantha Thomas
Hundreds of years ago, Galileo told us that the earth is not the center of the universe. Now, physicists are telling us that the normal matter you and I are made of isn’t even the majority of the matter that exists. Today Dr. Katherine Freese, a theoretical astrophysicist at the University of Michigan and author of the Cosmic Cocktail, joins us to talk about the composition of the cosmos and the mysterious nature of dark matter and dark energy
Keywords: Katherine Freese; dark matter; dark energy; astrophysics; dark matter; cosmology; astrophysics; universe; physics; dark energy
Downloads: 990
[audio]Crouching Tiger -- Groks Science Show 2014-06-11 - Charles Lee and Frank Ling
Why do many Asian American youths excel academically? On this program, Amy Hsin discusses the factors that underlie the success of certain ethnicities.
Keywords: Asian Americans; STEM; depression; academics; education; culture; ethnicity; academics; STEM; education; depression; culture; ethnicity
Downloads: 923
[audio]Cannabis Brain -- Groks Science Show 2014-04-30 - Charles Lee and Frank Ling
Does marijuana use affect the brain? What is the scientific evidence? On this episode, Dr. Anne Speckhard discussed marijuana use and the brain.
Keywords: science; marijuana; brain; groks
Downloads: 1,280
[audio]La science de la planète -- Groks Science Show 2014-05-14 - Charles Lee and Frank Ling
Are modern technologies the best? What are some traditional methods we should preserve? On this episode, we discussed about earth sciences, natural disaster, fortran, and water purification with the man on the street.
Keywords: charcoal, flooding, fortran, matlab, natural disasters, seawalls, traditional, water
Downloads: 1,169
[audio]Planet of the Apes -- Groks Science Show 2014-02-19 - Joanna Rowell
What can our closest living relatives - great apes like the chimpanzee and bonobo - teach us about ourselves? Are we the only species that tells lies or wages war? Do other apes have culture? On this episode, Dale Peterson joins us to discuss these fascinating, yet sadly endangered, animals.
Keywords: Dale Peterson; primates; apes; chimpanzees; Jane Goodall; bonobos; conservation
Downloads: 633
[audio]Console Wars -- Groks Science Show 2014-06-04 - Chenan Zhang
Video games are a huge part of the lives of countless kids and adults alike. In his book Console Wars, Blake Harris brings to life the behind-the-scenes story that most of us are not aware of—the epic battle waged in the early 1990s between Nintendo and Sega, which paved the way for the video game industry as we know it today.
Keywords: Groks; Groks science show; Video games; Sega; Nintendo; Blake Harris; Tom Kalinske
Downloads: 887
[audio]Your Genes Your Brain -- Groks Science Show 2014-05-07 - Charles Lee and Frank Ling
Most of us know that our genes determine many of our physical characteristics and our risk for various diseases. However, the idea that genes influence personality and risk for psychiatric disorders is not quite as easy to swallow. On this episode, Dr. Abraham Palmer, professor of Human Genetics at the University of Chicago joins us to discuss psychiatric genetics. We'll talk about the heritability of personality and psychiatric diseases and he'll tell us about his latest study on the genetics o...
Keywords: Abraham Palmer; Genetics; Psychiatry; Personality; amphetamine
Downloads: 941
[audio]Besting the Pests -- Groks Science Show 2014-05-21 - Tom Stewart
No one likes getting sick, not even plants! On this episode, Talia Karasov explains her research on how plants and pathogens co-evolve and the possible implications that this work might have on crop science.
Keywords: Talia Karasov; plants; coevolution; pathogens; agriculture; crops
Downloads: 1,152
[audio]BRAIN Initiative -- Groks Science Show 2014-01-01 - Steve Briscoe
In April, 2013, the Obama administration unveiled an ambitious plan to better understand the human brain and the causes of its dysfunction.  They called it the BRAIN initiative.  How can scientists rise to this momentus challenge?  What can we reasonably expect in the next few years?  Our guest, neuroscientist Partha Mitra, offers background and insight.  
Keywords: BRAIN initiative; Groks; Partha Mitra; neuroscience
Downloads: 1,193
[audio]Missing Microbes -- Groks Science Show 2014-04-23 - Charles Lee and Frank Ling
Innovations in modern society have created several benefits to human health, but they may have also created changes to human development. On this episode, Dr. Martin Blaser discussed changes to the human microbiome.
Keywords: science; antibiotics; microbiome; groks
Downloads: 1,180
[audio]Everything Pill -- Groks Science Show 2013-11-13 - Charles Lee and Frank Ling
The range of mental conditions is part of daily life, but at what point do downturns become pathological? On this program, Dr. Steven Walker discussed weighing therapy and pharmaceutical treatments for mental conditions.
Keywords: science; psychology; groks
Downloads: 1,263
[audio]Relaxation through Neurogenesis -- Groks Science Show 2013-10-02
Anxiety disorders are a part of life for millions, possibly billions, of people around the world.  Sadly, that's nothing new, but there has been a revolution in our understanding of these disorders.  Dr. Mazen Kheirbek joins us to talk about anxiety disorders, adult neurogenesis, and the hippocampus.  
Keywords: Groks; neurogenesis; adult neurogenesis; Kheirbek; Columbia; Hen; Rene Hen; anxiety; PTSD; OCD; post traumatic stress disorder; dentate gyrus; hippocampus; neurogenesis; adult neurogenesis; Kheirbek; Columbia; Hen; Rene Hen; anxiety; PTSD; OCD; post traumatic stress disorder; dentate gyrus; hippocampus
Downloads: 1,130
[audio]Space Robots -- Groks Science Show 2013-11-06 - Joanna Rowell
Over the past 40 years, we’ve learned a great deal about the surface of Mars, the moons of Saturn, and the origins of our universe. On today’s show, Chris Impey, an astronomer from the University of Arizona and coauthor of Dreams of Other Worlds, joins us to discuss how unmanned space exploration has shaped our understanding of distant worlds. 
Keywords: space; robots; groks; science; astronomy; NASA; Chris Impey; Holly Henry; Voyager; Mars; Hubble
Downloads: 1,393
[audio]Paneled Mind -- Groks Science Show 2013-12-04 - Groks Science SHow
Dr. Dwayne Godwin contributes regularly to Scientific American in the form of neuroscience comics. With co-author Jorge Cham, Dr. Godwin makes complex issues in neuroscience accessible to a broad audience. Today we'll discuss his creative process and goals for the series. A great way to learn about the brain!
Keywords: Dwayne Godwin; Jorge Cham; neuroscience; comics; outreach
Downloads: 1,106
[audio]Mathematical Universe -- Groks Science Show 2014-01-22 - Charles Lee and Frank Ling
What is the nature of reality? And, how can math provide the answers? On this program, Prof. Max Tegmark discussed the ultimate nature of reality.
Keywords: science; physics; math; groks
Downloads: 1,356
[audio]Marcell Mars @ WOS 3 - Audio - WOS3 StreamTeam
Wizards of OS 3. The Future of the Digital Commons Panel: Internet Freedom goes East I. Free Software Marcell Mars Multimedia Institute, Zagreb
Downloads: 4,568
[audio]Love and Math -- Groks Science Show 2013-10-23 - Charles Lee and Frank Ling
The subject of mathematics often seems dry and removed from reality. This is largely because the true beauty of mathematics is rarely conveyed when the subject is taught. On this episode, Prof. Edward Frenkel discussed the hidden reality of math and the Langlands program.
Keywords: science; math; Langlands program; Edward Frenkel; groks
Downloads: 1,536
[audio]Musical Brain -- Groks Science Show 2007-12-05 - Charles Lee and Frank Ling
Music has powerful emotive and expressive qualities that transcend its description as a purely physical phenomenon. This is of course due to how the brain processes musical information. On this program, Prof. Daniel Levitin discussed the musical brain.
Keywords: science; music; neurobiology
Downloads: 6,738 5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars(1 review)
[audio]The Wizard of Menlo Park -- Groks Science Show 2014-02-26
Topping Life magazine's list of the most important people of the last 1000 years, Thomas Edison is widely regarded as one of the world's greatest inventors. His influences on industry and technology remain with us today, over 80 years after his death. Joining us for this program is Edison biographer Leonard DeGraaf to discuss the life and works of the historic innovator and businessman, Thomas Edison.
Keywords: Thomas Edison; Edison; Innovation; Leonard Degraaf; Inventor; Biography
Downloads: 1,262
[audio]Don Norman: Emotional Design [ETCON2004] - Donald A. Norman
[Full title: Emotional Design: The Principles] Don Norman used to be known as a critic of unusable things but now, he says, he has changed. He has transformed himself into an advocate for pleasurable, enjoyable products. Beauty is good, says Norman. Successful products should a pleasure to use, and convey a positive sense of self, of accomplishment, and pride of ownership. In this keynote address, Norman shares work from his latest book, Emotional Design: Why We Love (or Hate) Everyday Things...
Keywords: ETCON 2004; Conference Proceedings
Downloads: 3,860
[audio]Evolution of the Eye -- Groks Science Show 2014-01-15 - Charles Lee and Frank Ling
The wide array of eye designs in the animal kingdom reflects the critical role that sight plays in the well-being of an animal. Today, ophthamologist  Dr. Ivan Schwab tells us the story of eye evolution, beginning with the first photoreceptive compounds and taking us through some of the most interesting and strange eyes known. We'll also learn a bit about our own eyes, how they work, and how we compare to other animals. 
Keywords: Groks; Groks Science Show; eye; evolution; Ivan Schwab
Downloads: 1,298
[audio]10,000 Year Feast -- Groks Science Show 2013-12-25 - Charles Lee and Frank Ling
Are current trends in food production and consumption sustainable? To understand the challenges that humanity faces, we look back at how past societies adapted to food shortages. On this program, Junko Habu discusses findings from the Jomon civilization from the perspective of cultural anthropology and its implications for global climate change.
Keywords: food, Jomon, sustainability, diversity, adaptation, climate change, starvation
Downloads: 1,173
[audio]Critical Thinking -- Groks Science Show 2013-07-31 - Charles Lee and Frank Ling
Although critical thinking is essential for effective communication and problem solving, the techniques for critical thinking are often not employed effectively. On this program, Dr. Linda Elder discussed how to think critically.
Keywords: science; psychology; critical thinking; groks
Downloads: 2,030
[audio]Brain plasticity – Groks Science Show 2013-10-16 - Chenan Zhang
Our prior belief of the brain as a static and unchanging organ is being replaced by a new understanding of the versatility of the brain throughout life. Brain plasticity, which involves changes occurring in our brain that allow us to learn and function in response to new experiences, happens not only early in life but also in adulthood, as well as in response to traumatic brain injury. Dr. Michael Merzenich, professor emeritus of neuroscience at the University of California, San Francisco, joins...
Keywords: Groks; Groks science show; Brain plasticity; Michael Merzenich; Cognition
Downloads: 1,544
[audio]Alzheimer Research -- Groks Science Show 2009-09-02 - Charles Lee and Frank Ling
Alzheimer research has rapidly advanced in the past several years, yet simple daily habits may be even more important for preventing the onset of the disease. On this program, Mark Underwood discussed Alzheimer research and prevention.
Keywords: science; alzheimer; neuroscience; disease prevention; groks
Downloads: 4,668 1.00 out of 5 stars(1 review)
[audio]WOS1_160799_2000_OREILLY - mikro e.V. / WOS e.V.
Wizards of OS 1Offene Quellen und Freie Software 16.-17. Juli 1999 Haus der Kulturen der Welt John-Foster-Dulles-Allee 10, Berlin Panel 5. Open Source PoliciesTim O'Reilly: The New Age of Infoware: Open Source and the Web Transkript Camera: Olaf Merker, Oleg StepanowSound: Fabian Werba, Guido WeyrauchEditor: Oleg Stepanow
Keywords: conference; free software; free culture; free infrastructure
Downloads: 10
[audio]Monkey's Voyage -- Groks Science Show 2014-01-29 - Charles Lee and Frank Ling
How do the species of the world wind up in their geographical locations? On this episode, Prof. Alan De Queiroz discusses ocean crossings and speciation.
Keywords: science, evolution, groks, ocean crossings
Downloads: 1,070
[audio]A Beautiful Mind -- Groks Science Show 2002-05-01 - Charles Lee and Frank Ling
The life and times of mathematician John F. Nash Jr. have garnered a great deal of attention since the release of the popular movie, A Beautiful Mind, chronicled events in his life. This show featured an interview with Sylvia Nassar, the author of Nash's biography, who discussed Nash's struggles with math, schizophrenia, and the Nobel Prize.
Keywords: Science
Downloads: 6,625 5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars(3 reviews)
[audio]Sudden Wealth Syndrome -- Groks Science Show 2013-07-24 - Charles Lee and Frank Ling
Sudden wealth can be a blessing and a curse, especially if the wealth is mismanaged. On this episode, Mr. Irvin Schorsch discussed dealing with sudden wealth syndrome.
Keywords: science; economics; fiscal planning; groks; Psychology
Downloads: 1,592
[audio]Self-Driving Cars -- Groks Science Show 2013-09-04
Today we talk with Dr. Steve Underwood of the Connected Vehicle Proving Center at the University of Michigan, Dearborn. With several car companies promising to release nearly self-driving cars in the next decade, it's a good time to discuss what these cars actually do and how they might benefit us. Dr. Underwood tells us about why we might want a self-driving car, the state of the industry, and what we can expect in the near future. 
Keywords: groks; groks science show Self-driving cars; autonomous vehicles; connected vehicle proving center; Steve Underwood
Downloads: 1,604
[audio]Countdown -- Groks Science Show 2013-11-27 - Charles Lee and Frank Ling
The population of the world continues to grow, but can the earth sustain it? On this program, Alan Weisman discussed sustainable population growth.
Keywords: science; population growth; groks
Downloads: 1,247
[audio]Theory of Almost Everything -- Groks Science Show 2013-08-14 - Charles Lee and Frank Ling
The Standard Model aims to explain phenomena of the very small and the very large. Yet, not quite everything in the universe can be explained by it. On this program, Thomas Buckholtz joins us to discuss complementary mathematics to bridge gaps in the Standard Model.
Keywords: mathematical physics; bosons; quarks; higgs; standard model
Downloads: 2,136
[audio]WOS1_170799_1000_RIEGER - mikro e.V. / WOS e.V.
Wizards of OS 1Offene Quellen und Freie Software 16.-17. Juli 1999 Haus der Kulturen der WeltJohn-Foster-Dulles-Allee 10, Berlin Panel 6. Freie Software und SicherheitFrank Rieger: Sicherheit und Open SourceTranskript Camera: Olaf Merker, Oleg StepanowSound: Fabian Werba, Guido WeyrauchEditor: Oleg Stepanow
Keywords: conference; free software; free culture; free infrastructure
Downloads: 10
[audio]Fracking -- Groks Science Show 2013-08-28 - Charles Lee and Frank Ling
Hydraulic fracturing, or fracking, has been lauded as the solution to the peak oil problem, and will provide hundreds of years of cheap energy. But, the reality is very different. On this program, Richard Heinberg discussed the false promises of fracking.
Keywords: science; fracking; energy; oil; peak oil; groks
Downloads: 1,704
[audio]Chasing Shackleton -- Groks Science Show 2014-01-08 - Charles Lee and Frank Ling
Sir Ernest Shackleton's journey to Antartica is best known for the heroic and epic tale of survival that ensued following the initial disasters that were encountered. On this program, Tim Jarvis discussed recreating Sir Ernest Shackleton's epic voyage of survival.
Keywords: science; survival; Shackleton; Tim Jarvis; groks
Downloads: 1,134
[audio]The Gap -- Groks Science Show 2013-12-11 - Charles Lee and Frank Ling
Humans seem very distinct from other animals, but what is it about the human mind that truly defines us as uniquely human? On this episode, Prof. Thomas Suddendorf discussed the gap between humans and other animals.
Keywords: science; evolution; Humans; primates; minds; groks
Downloads: 1,462
[audio]Rational Animal -- Groks Science Show 2013-09-25 - Charles Lee and Frank Ling
Human behavior is often viewed as being eminently rational. However, modern psychology has shown that behavior is often guided more by evolutionary constraints. On this program, Prof. Douglas T. Kenrick discussed the evolutionary basis of human thinking.
Keywords: science; psychology; evolution; rationality; groks
Downloads: 1,440
[audio]Universe Verse -- Groks Science Show 2013-09-11 - Charles Lee and Frank Ling
As the internet expands, the barriers to spreading scientific knowledge falls. Yet, there is never enough science education. On this program, James Dunbar talks about his Kickstarter project, the Universe Verse.
Keywords: science literacy; education; kickstarter; universe; rhyming
Downloads: 1,529
[audio]Dark Matter and Energy -- Groks Science Show 2007-05-16 - Charles Lee and Frank Ling
Dark matter and dark energy comprise most of the known universe. But, what are the constituents of dark matter and energy? On this program, Dr. Dan Hooper from Fermilab discussed the dark cosmos.
Keywords: science; dark matter; physics
Downloads: 10,467 5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars(1 review)
[audio]Seahorses and Jellyfish and Copepods, Oh My! -- Groks Science Show 2013-02-05 - Chenan Zhang
Dr. Brad Gemmell gives us a glimpse into the secret predatory lives of seahorses, and describes how we are getting ideas from the anatomy of the jellyfish for designing vehicles for water and air travel, along with many other ways in which the wonderful world under the sea inspires and teaches us.
Keywords: Groks; Groks Science Show; Brad Gemmell; Marine Science; Seahorse; Jellyfish; Predation
Downloads: 922
[audio]Kivalina Climate Change -- Groks Science Show 2013-10-30 - Charles Lee and Frank Ling
Climate change often seems massive, yet remote. However, the impacts are being felt around the globe. On this program, Elizabeth Gaylynn Baker discussed the impact of climate change.
Keywords: science; climate change; groks
Downloads: 1,078
[audio]Better Out in the Open -- Groks Science Show 2013-08-07 - Charles Lee and Frank Ling
Today, 85% of scientific articles are not published in open access journals. This means that unless you are part of an institution that subscribes to the journal you’re interested in, you’ll have to pay for the research studies you want to read. Our guests today, Dr. Patrick Brown and Dr. Michael Eisen, are part of a movement to promote free access to scientific literature. The two professors are co-founders of the Public Library of Science, which is a collection of open access journals...
Keywords: groks; open access; academic publishing; science; groks science show; PLoS; open access; public library of science; Michael Eisen; Patrick Brown
Downloads: 1,661
[audio]Unconquered -- Groks Science Show 2012-03-28 - Charles Lee and Frank Ling
The Amazon is one of the last unspoiled territories, where the indiginous tribes have remained largely untouched by modern civilization. On this program, Scott Wallace discussed the unconquered tribes of the Amazon.
Keywords: science; anthropology; amazon; fleicheros; groks
Downloads: 3,153 5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars(1 review)
[audio]Investigating Healthy Minds-- Groks Science Show 2014-03-12 - Charles Lee and Frank Ling
Most people would agree that a biological understanding of mental illness is an important effort and, accordingly, it is widely pursued. But how often do you hear about researchers investigating positive qualities such as mindfulness, compassion, and creativity? Today we'll talk with Dr. Richard Davidson, neuroscience professor at the University of Wisconsin and director of the Center for Investigating Healthy Minds...
Keywords: Brain plasticity; Mental health; meditation; Buddhism; compassion; mindfulness; brain imaging; neuroscience; Richard Davidson
Downloads: 1,178
[audio]Science of Oakland -- Groks Science Show 2013-10-09 - Charles Lee and Frank Ling
What happens when old friends meet again? Wildness ensues. On this episode, our man on the street Vikram Kulkarni, joins us to talk about the science of Oakland.
Keywords: Nobel Prizes; gravity; nuclear power; high-speed rail; MBSR; stress relief; iPhone
Downloads: 738
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